About Us

Founded by two moms living in Colorado.


Our ideas come to us at a mile above sea level, and we aim to keep them as unique as you are.


YAY-nique brings the fun of surprises in a unique box delivery. Founded by Megan Trujillo and Jennifer McSween during the 2020/2021 pandemic. For Christmas, Megan had given Jennifer the most special present with mini boxes to help reduce stress, relax, have fun with the family, and explore her creativity. They immediately knew that this was a wonderful idea to share with everyone and immediately started making boxes for friends and family. They started searching for local companies to support and found great ways to support small businesses during a difficult time while bringing joy to those in their lives. After a few weeks of sending to friends and family, they also wanted to join in the fun - so, the official launch of YAY-nique began!

Based in Broomfield, Colorado, our idea of fun is spending time outdoors with our families and getting creative with fun projects.

If you have any suggestions for boxes, please reach out to yayniquegifts@gmail.com. We’d love to work with you to create a special box special for your loved ones. We aim to keep our boxes as unique as you are! Keep coming back to see the new and improved boxes as we continue to grow!