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90s Style Gift Box | Kids Gift | Easter Gift

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Whether you are sending this to someone who lived through the 90s or want to share things you loved from your childhood with your kids, this box is sure bring back some great memories. Filled with fun items from the 90s era it will have you waxing nostalgic for hours.

Gift box includes:

  • PUZZLE: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Puzzle 
  • POP ROCKS: For eating with or without soda, they are just so popping' fun
  • STICKERS: 2 Ninja Turtles Stickers and 2 Simpsons Stickers perfect for placing anywhere from a water bottle to laptop
  • HACKY SACK: Woven hacky sack for hours of hacking fun
  • MINI YO-YO: Mini Pizza theme yoyo, a pocket sized toy that can be carried anywhere
  • MINI SKATEBOARD: Finger skating never looked so good
  • TROLLS: 2 mini 90s style troll dolls for throw back 90s playtime
  • POGS: 4 Pogs in assorted 90s designs 
  • MINI CANDY BARS: 3 assorted candy bars for snack time fun
  • EASTER EGGS: 3 Easter eggs filled with trolls, pogs, and chocolates
  • CUSTOM MESSAGE CARD: Your custom message on a card to be included with your gift and tell them who it's from

A fun gift for kids for their birthday, Easter, Christmas or just an I love you gift. Great for friends you grew up to reminisce or your kids to share your favorite decade, after all the 90s really were the best.