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Get Well Soon Gift Box

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Know someone who is under the weather? This gift box is sure to brighten their day and their spirits. Filled with items to help them get well, sleep, and rejuvenate. Show them you care and send some sunshine and hugs with this fun gift box!

Gift box includes:
• HUG MUG: Bright 11 oz. mug with "BIG HUG IN A LITTLE MUG" message. Perfect for sipping tea or coffee while they get better
• TEA BAGS: 3 individually wrapped Lavender and chamomile tea bags to help with sleep
• HONEY STICKS: 3-pack of individual honey sticks to soothe their throat and sweeten their tea
• EMERGEN-C PACKS: 2 pack of emergen-c Super orange powder to help them get all the zinc and vitamin c they need to recover
• SNACK: Immune boosting snack to keep them energized
• PROPEL PACKS: 2 packs of propel water booster to aid in keeping them hydrated
• BATH SOAK: Tension relief bath soak to help soothe any aches or chills
• SHOWER STEAMER TABLETS: Shower steamer tablets made with Eucalyptus and Mint to help soothe and hydrate a sore throat and nose
• SCRATCH & SNIFF STICKERS: Check or retrain their sense of smell with the fun scratch and sniff stickers, comes with 2 good smell strawberry stickers and 2 bad Dirty sock smell stickers (Comes with a warning, these really stink!) Great for testing if your smell is gone, has returned or if your senses are off
• CUSTOM MESSAGE CARD: Your personal message included on a custom card, so they will know who their gift is from

A great gift for anyone you know who is ill, has Covid, or hasn't been feeling well. A good gift for families in quarantine, or any friend who needs a pick me up for their immune system. Great for college kids who need an extra boost during finals, or anyone who needs some self care.