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Road Trip Travel Gift Box | Kids Gift

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Whether you are going on a plane, train or in the car, kids need entertainment to keep them busy while traveling. This fun gift set has everything you need in one place to keep kids busy during your next trip:

  • Sketch Book: Travel sketch book with mixes white and color pages, great for drawing and doodling
  • Travel Game: 3-in-1 travel game with 3 separate games and stickers for easy use on the go
  • Checkers: Mini Magnetic Checkers set, everything stays in place during even the bumpy rides
  • Popper Fidget Toy: Assorted color fidget toy, great for keeping little hands busy while they stare at the scenery passing by
  • Markers: Scented Marker pack with 6 colors for all the drawing and doodling
  • Crayons: 24 pack of crayons for even more coloring fun
  • Picture Frame: Fun camera shaped picture frame to keep a picture and remember their travels forever
  • Candy: 3 mini candy bars for when the snack time munchies hit and you are in-between stops

A great gift to send grandkids who are coming to visit soon, or to buy for your kids on your next trip. This gift will keep small hands busy and parents sane during those long haul adventures by plane, car or train.