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Snack Box - with Gift Card (Optional)

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Send this gift of fun snacks, perfect for tweens and teens who are endlessly hungry, coworkers who need desk snacks or anyone you know who loves snacks! Add a gift card of your choice or send the snacks only.

Gift box includes:

• POPCORN: Indiana Black and White Fudge Drizzled Popcorn - 1oz bag

• NUTS: Planters Peanuts/cashews - Assorted flavors - 1.5oz bag

• COOKIES: Knott's Strawberry shortbread cookes - 2oz bag

• TRAIL MIX: Nature's Own Assorted Probiotic Nut/Fruit Mix Pack - 1.2oz bag

• PRETZELS: Snyder's mini pretzels - .5oz bag

• CHOCOLATES: 3 assorted chocolate mars mini bars 

• PEPPERMINT PATTIES: 3 York Peppermint patties

• BUBBLEGUM: 3 DUBBLE BUBBLE bubblegum pieces

OPTIONAL: Gift card of your choice - you choose the amount and type

A great gift for birthdays, graduations, sending love, or anytime you know someone who could benefit from some fun snacks!